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Quad Rules!!!

Started by yithai, 01 June 2005, 01:12:52 am

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Hi all,

My new system krub.  I have long been wanting to listen to Quad ESL-988 based on reading several Magazines (TAS, Stereophile and etc.)  Some weeks ago I happened to have visit the KS & Son at Rachdamri.  I was looking around in the shop and suddenly I saw a pair of used Quad ESL-988.  I was so excited.  So an appointment has been made for an audition.  So audition I did, a few days after.  The speakers were amazing within its limit (loudness and bass extension)  I am not so much worry about that trade-off, because the speakers were so faithful to music.  The next day I decided to call my friend who has been wanting me to sell him the B&W Matrix system.  So I was able to make a meaningful swap of speakers.  

At first i assemble Quad with my Plinius SA 250.  The sound was great but not too much of my liking.  I feel I could get the 988 to sing better in midrange with tube amplifers.  So I pull out my long time Atmasphere M-50 which I owned for about 10 years.  I have not been using this amp for a long time.  I swapped the Quad and change the pre-amp to Django TVC linestage.  The front end is Pioneer DV-525  :no: .  Too bad the front-end wasn't ideal for the set up, but should be a worthwhile start.  So i dialed the system up, unbelievable.  My suspicious was right about matching tube amp with Quad 988, even better it match so well with Atmasphere OTL tube amp.  Midrange glory, disappearing act, pin-point imagine and finally, absolute musicality.  However, the image height was a little to low, may the distance from speakers to my listening seat was too close, but I will try to move the speakers around to find an ideal set up.  I love this set up.  I wish I could get a better front end for this system.  But for now, I'll just enjoy my music through Quad base system. :aktion033:

Pioneer DV-525
Django Transformer Volume Control Linestage
Atmasphere M-60 Mono block OTL
Belden interconnect
XLO Reference speaker cables.





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Do you use Benchmark DAC 1 with Pioneer 525 DVD player.

How does it sound like krub?

I had Pioneer 535 DVD player and Denon DCD1015 CD player but the later started showing its age as it starts to have problem reading newer CD and, in particularly, CD layer of hybrid SACD.   So I guess I try to match it with Denon and use Pioneer 535 as a backup.
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Dear K. Lapath,

Right now, I am using Benchmark DAC1 with Micromega T-Drive Transport on the other system.  I think this is a very detail, a bit lean, very fast.  I like it a lot krub.  I do not have a chance to hook it up with my DVD 525 yet.  For the money, I think it is a steal.  I think it is actually right up there with my Mark Levinson No. 39 (which my brother took it away krub)



Thank krub.

I really agree with the detail part krub, very detail.  I kinda felt it's not that warm.  However, I heard from a system that uses computer (wav file) and CDROM system even though they tweak it a bit, ie use external soundcard.

But it sounds interesting you said i's right up there with ML No. 39.  I will try to find a chance to listen to it again krub.
Yeah we knew we had to leave this town
But we never knew when and we never knew how