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Jade Design Acquires Bob Carver, LLC

Started by poj, 20 June 2013, 05:32:29 pm

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Today, Jade Design, parent company of Emotiva, Emotiva Pro, and Sherbourn, has completed the acquisition of tube amp manufacturer Bob Carver, LLC. The acquisition includes a long-term intellectual property agreement allowing Jade Design's brands to utilize Bob Carver's engineering ideas.

"This is a milestone in audio," said Laufman, in a press release. "Bob Carver is a legendary name. It's no exaggeration to call him one of the most brilliant, creative, and innovative designers in high-end audio, and I am thrilled to now call him my colleague."

Bob Carver said: "Watching Dan and his team create the first truly successful direct-to-consumer high-end audio brand has brought me great pleasure, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather partner with than Dan Laufman."
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